What!? And Update!?

 Wierd. Remembered I had this, finally came back to it. Saw some friends journals. Realized how many people I've lost touch with. Wierd.

I figure, why not update? So here I am, updating for no reason.

Had a job. Delivering cabinets. Went around in a semi, pushing boxes into homes. Sucked. Hurt my back, months off work, left the job. moved across state.
Couldn't find another job, wont apply to jobs I know are going to be to much for my back. Jobless and poor.

 Upside? Possible publication of a cyberpunk themed short story. Will give updates, maybe. I don't know. Watch out for a story in Asimov. Done by one Cameron S. about a SimStar. Titled, of all things, SimStar.

Family heirloom

Well, today was special. I got some heirloom type things. My great grandfathers pin from stanford, and some mother of pearl cufflinks + tie tack .. . never really got anything important before. .


I traded in my x-box, the games i had, and the dvd playback. I got 103 bucks, not bad at all. more then I was expecting. I still have 3 bucks of that, to, plus three new RPG's. Yay! Shin Megumi Tensei : Nocturne, Shadow Hearts : Covenant, and Wild Arms 3. Their all pretty good, I think I prefer nocturne. I like negotiating in battle, and stuff. Plus, theres half naked demon girls everywhere. yay!

New Updates

Another update, in such a short time. I was watching Man without a Face earlier. I felt cheated at the end. . . It seemed to fall short with the rest of the movie, the way things just kind of. . fall off.

So today is going well for me so far. Getting ready for tomarows gaming session. I keep pondering writing, but eh, I just can not come to it. It sucks.

I met a really nice girl. Smart, funny, beautifull. She enjoys art and she likes many, many things that I do. Hey, here is to hoping that maybe something can crop up there. Who knows.

Overdo Update

First update of the new year. I have not been updating regularly, as I said I was going to try. My bad! Well, things are going good for me. My friends I play D&D with are going to have another kid, so congradulations to them!

I got FF X-2 and Prince of Persia Warrior Within at christmas, so been playing those. Having fun on both of them. I now staff on cajun Nights, a WoD MU*. I forgot if I put this in another post, its been a while now. Its a cool place.

So, overall my life is good. I don't know if anyone reads this, but oh well if they don't. To those that do ,hey.

So, there is not much to really say. I am still single. I have not been sick once yet. I do not have a job yet. I desperately need money for basic things now, its getting tight. . .

Well, there is nothing to say on the personel front.

I am watching the tsunamis and earthquakes that have struck. Its horrible. I wish there was more coverage, I always do when there is a disaster. I want to know, to see. It is amazing how big it is. How horrible this is. The death toll. The fact that it will soon climb again with disease, no fresh water. I think so many people are missing how big it is, that they see it and go 'oh' that they are so disconected that it is another thing. I think its horrible, its sad, that this seems to be the case. I know people will say it isn't, but honestly, look at it. Islands are gone. Citys, towns villages, all destroyed. Nearly 150 thousand are dead. Thats like a US city suddenly vanishing. Not to mention the other things. This was so big it has knocked the earth off orbit. Not like we will spin off into space, but imagine the /force/ it would take to knock us off orbit enough to add a extra minute to the year. It seems so small, but it boggles the mind.

Its just amazing to me, the size of this. Its amazing. . .

Another weekend that gets better and better

My weekends keep getting better and better. I am feeling great.

I started it off as most weekends, playing a game of D&D. This was fun, and we gamed till around seven. Had tons of fun. I also got free chinese. I love monogolian beef, and this was actually spicy. Tasty.

Then it became a new weekend for me. There was a holloween party at my friends house. I went, he wasn't gona be around till eleven as he worked, but everyone else I knew was there. I had no money, so I stole a suit jacket from one of hte guys that lives there that I know. I went as 'Fat guy in a little coat' ala chris farley. It was great. I had my first drink, that coconut rum I mentioned from the wedding and some coke. Good shit. I didn't get drunk, didn't even get giggly really. I talked to Brent to, I really like that guy. I also was given a digital camera and said 'Cameron, your mission is to get pictures. Now we require no less then three cleavage shots.' I am happy to say I fulfilled my orders. Five cleavage shots, a great ass shot of a girl in short shorts, and many assorted pictures on the memory card that seemed to never run out.

The party ended at three, until we realized that time was set back, so we tried to get a second wind at the now two AM. We stopped at around two thirty with fresh pizza in our stomachs and a total of three girls passed out drunk, one guy falling over drunk, and another nearly at that point. I crashed on the couch in the living room with one guy on the chair, and the two girls he was waiting to take out passed out on the other couch. I woke up at nine something and they were gone, but the other girl was still there, she left a hour or two later. Spent the day watching movies such as The Evil Dead, Vampire Hunter D Blood Lust, Wizards, and a season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It was a good holloween day. WE also played halo and San Andreas throughout the day.

Then monday comes, and we play some san andreas that I rented until I come home. I receive my copy of San Andreas on the way home, as I had just been renting until I could buy. Then I proceeded to receive a TV. I think its like, a sixteen inch or something like that. But its a free tv that would be like, a hundred bucks with a vcr built into it and hookups for my game platforms, hooray. Then, I receive another gift. The laptop I have been using periodically. See, they got a new one, so now I receive the laptop that is twice as good as the computer without internet, and about six times better then the one I am typing on right now.

See, life is good. I just got to wield two machine pistols in san andreas, and learned you can hijack a train.

I am not sure if things can get better then the past two weekends. Lets see what this next one holds.

Back from a wedding

I went to spokane for my uncles wedding, and I had a blast!

First was the rehearsel dinner the night we arrived. It was loads of fun. We had lots of great food, talked with people, I got to flirt with one of the bridesmaids, a honorary one, and it fit cause I was a honorary groomsmen.

The next day my uncle, his best man, one of the groomsman and his wife went out to look at guns and some other stuff and hang out, have lunch ,etcetera. We went to one gunstore, it was so like a movie. There was a ex-army guy, big guy, slight belly, suspenders, beard and long hair with sunglasses who kept saying 'and your ready to rock 'n roll man' and then the guy who owned it was young, and his name was Axel Raven, man thats a crazy name and I am loving it.

So my sister, Niki, and her friend Kayla came to crash at my hotel room that night. Kayla was just coming down with food poisoning so I ended holding her hair back alot. Talked with them though, had a fun time. Then was the wedding. We went, it was beautifull, I would have cried but I didn't let myself.Then the reception. Great! The brides father makes his own liquors so everyone got a personel bottle of coconut rum, no alchohol taste to it at all , with their pictures on it celebrating their marriege.

I got up and danced with the bride, the time when you put money in the bride or grooms bag to dance for a little. Then she made me get up and do a fast dance. We had great italian food, her family being italian and her cousins catering it meant it had to be. Then, I ended up dancing the last part of the night, thirty minutes or so, up there with my friends just going crazy. First time I ever danced, and it was a blast!

During this I was snuck off, the best man sent me on a mission. To 'decorate' their hotel suite. Now, it was a five star hotel, and the manager was hesitent to let me in, but I was in my best black suit and I convinced her. So I toilet papered the place, put notes on the mirror and on peices of paper like 'Russ, call me at 222-9437, Little John' and stuff, it was great. The night was just awsome.

I went back to my room, hung out with one of my friends then went to sleep.

Even the last day was fun. We got up to leave, told my friends I would see 'em at home, and went to leave. Some japanese tourist girls took my picture since I was still in my black suit, giggled hell of cutely, waved, and then ran away. That made my day. So now I am home, and writing this because this has been the best god damn week of my life.
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Anyone still reading?

If anyone is still reading this, I am good! I have new art on my website, the picture is titled nadalpose at http://www.funation.com/nadal . Its my best to date I feel. I am getting played to play D&D this weekend. My dream has come true. Money to play games. I am psyched.

I get to play /all/ my games this weekend as well. I may be overwhelmed but tabletop rpg, miniatures, console, you name it I am going to go do it. Its going to be a good weekend.

Still no sign on a job, I hope to get one soon however.

I hope everyone is well out there who reads this.

I am thinking of doing a webcomic. Badly Drawn Kitties, or BDK, has inspired me. I feel that even at my current level I can do a web comic. I am sure everyone will curse the day Lucy gave people with poor art talent that extra push to make them do things and subject everyone else to them, heh.

Thats really it. I am so un-interesting the things involved within my life can't even take a whole page. How sad. Or maybe not, cause thats even less for people to have to read.

I say, that mood icon for accomplished is. . . craptastic.
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A new update

First of all, the important things. Job hunt rolls on, no luck in finding one. I have a new supply of the medication which keeps me alive, three months before I must go to the doctor and actually spend money on tests. I had a relationship, I knew hte person was not the most stable, I had a feeling they were the sort to cheat. It ended. Very short relationship.

Less important things. My D&D game goes well. I got the new eberron book as well, and now I seek out a new group, RL or online, to use it with. Iti s a great book. I wrote my short story, now seek to edit it, and find somewhere that can/will publish it. I wrote up a history for a RPG character I want to use as well. Five pages, I think it is a nice little story.

I further wish to study the greeks and their neighbors, I wish I had been able to get into a college so I could do so. . .

I have been thinking of myself again. I still suspect the intersexual thing, but I am also checking into transgenderism .I suppose I have for some time, but now it is something that is more to the forefront of my thoughts.

I have also been thinking alot about my own psychology. I realize that my anger possibly stems from child abuse. Though this is under control, and has been for years, there are other things I think of. I used to wet the bed, up to my early teens. This has been a point of shame for me, but I think more. . . At a early age, as in when I was five I beleive, I was aware of sex. I can dinstinctly remember attempting to perform acts, but I could not remember wher I had seen them. As tiem goes on, I am remembeing more things. . .Nothing for sure. However. . . Those two things, they are connected to childhood sexual abuse, signs that most victims have. It is something else I am investigating. . . perhaps it is the source of my sexual 'deviancy', though honestly most of those things I have interest in I do not view as deviant. Again, though, something to look into.

That is it. Have fun reading should you care.
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